Noah Gaming High 1 White/White

Noah Gaming High 1 White/White


Noah Gaming High 1 white

The modern Noah Highsleeper 1 is compact for space saving but the limelight really is on the Gamer! It also opens itself to a great home office environment.  Features include a large gaming desk under the bed area, with 2 PC towers at either end of the desk.  An elevated large shelf is able to accommodate no less than 3 monitors.  LED lights can be used to create the perfect environment for play or concentration.  Multi colour options mean you can control both the shade and your frame of mind! Complete with built in wireless charger (USB plug or supporting socket is required) what more could the young Gamer ask for!

Generous space under the shelf means storage is at an optimum, keyboard, mouse, controllers and all essentials can be tucked away to avoid unnecessary clutter on the desk.  

The comfy bed is tucked away up top and access is gained by ladder to the side - it can be positioned at either end of the bed for your convenience. 

Noah Highsleeer 1 is a white pine frame with the choice of white, blue or lilac ladder and headboards.

Mattress required size L 200cm x W 90cm x D 16cm


L209 x W126 x H184 cms (width without ladder 99cms)

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Dimensions L209 x W126 x H184 cms (width without ladder 99cms)
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